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Best post partum gift

I give these vouchers to lots of my friends when they have babies. It means they can pick the date for a pack delivery. The food is wholesome, nourishing and delicious and takes the pressure off cooking in those special (but exhausting) early days.

Excellent postpartum gift

I enjoyed receiving mama goodness packs during my most recent postpartum period, the frozen packs have allowed me to share that deliciousness with friends that are further afield too.

Gf almond butter cacao milky magic cookies

My new favourite cookies! The box was gone within 2 days…

Absolutely essential postpartum self-care

I was gifted this by friends AND bought an additional pack for myself. The food is delicious, nutritious, and so helpful in the postpartum period when thinking beyond the next nappy is a stretch. This is a form of self-care. A plus is that it is also delicious for other family members if you need an excellent dinner option quickly, though you might not want to share.

Yummy Granola A++++

Wow wow wow- something so healthy tastes so good !! I’m buying more immediately!!

Delicious and convenient!

Met the team at PBC Melbourne and they were so lovely! Ordering was easy & I was notified as order was picked up etc. and it all arrived beautifully packaged, ready for me to load up the freezer!

My favourite meals were the dahl and the lasagna. I also really enjoyed the biscuits - which unfortunately I was only able to have one of as my partner ate them all!

Serving sizes were spot on too. I'd always have a little bit left over for tomorrow's lunch which was great!

Yummy yummy

These are delicious and everytime I get myself one my 2 year old snatches it from my hands and eats it!! Excellent for the whole family!!


The best thing I have done. It's been so good knowing I have something healthy to eat in the freezer for unpredictable days and I love not having to plan. All YUM

For a mumma

I bought this for my sister and she has been writing to me saying how wonderful the meals are. She said best daal she’s ever eaten !

Yum yum

Absolutely love these cookies. Would buy them weekly if I could afford to. Absolutely delicious

BEST boobie snack :)

Was gifted these and am now addicted. They are in my bedside table and are SO delicious for snacks overnight whilst breastfeeding. They are really substantial and full of lovely textures. Decadent and healthy in perfect balance. Won’t ever be without them again.

Delicious and nutritious

Perfect snack attack cookie

Gift card

I gave no doubt the food will be nourishing & amazing yet I was a little bit dissipated by the A4 voucher itself. It was very ordinary - in colour , image and the message could not be seen on the voucher .

Fill Your Freezer - Lush Pack
Alex Shimmin
Nourishing and Convenient!

This is the second time I’ve had mumma goodness postpartum and it’s brilliant so convenient for lunches and making sure you are eating well in the first few weeks after baby arrives!

Fill Your Freezer - Savoury Pack
Rangi De silva
The best thing you can do if you’re a new mama/mumma of any kind/gifting for a mumma

The Mama goodness meals are always amazing! My husband and I can’t get enough of the lasagne and the lentil soup - the best! As a mum of a 6 month-old, I can say the postpartum period definitely has not ended for me and having these delicious and nutritious meals ready to go is a lifesaver! Love the mama goodness team and all they do to help mamas like me! Xxx

Perfect gift!

Love this duo and extra mist we bought for our newly postpartum friends. Sleek packaging, wrapped eco and lovely, and a scent with function that can both provide care to our friends and sneaky remind them of us each spray or swipe. Can’t wait to be able to get more

Fill Your Freezer - Lush Pack
Chelsea Johnson
Was a saviour!

When asked from my family what I wanted for my post partum recovery, I instantly requested a MamaGoodness pack.
Because I was recovering from a C-section, my partner spent all his time tending to me and baby and had no time to cook. This wholesome pack made sure we were kept healthy and fed for our recovery during those extremely hard but special few weeks after baby arrived.
Thank you so much!
I will be buying these for all my friends coming into parenthood.

Fill Your Freezer - Lush Pack
Nick Callanan
The best!

Incredible to have amazing food delivered and be as good as it was!

Mama's Milky Magic Pack
Havent received the gift

Hi the gift hasn’t been delivered. Please let us know.

Fill Your Freezer - Lush Pack
Elizabeth Rennie
Just what I needed!

All very delicious and made my life so much simpler at a time of need! Thanks!

Fill Your Freezer - Lush Pack

I wish I discovered this sooner. The Golden Goodness soup is literally the most delicious soup I have ever had. And I’m obsessed with the lactation cookies. Having these goodies in my freezer fills me with joy. Will be ordering again!

Fill Your Freezer - Lush Pack
Yahna fookes
What a wonderful offering

I have eaten three of these packs and I would eat a fourth. A beautiful offering for new mums who are in the thick of things and can't get food on the table. The pack is generous in size and delicious. What a great delivery service.

Fill Your Freezer - Savoury Pack
Amaline Vitale
Best Gift Ever!

We received this from our friends after I had our son.
The food was absolutely amazing and so flavourful! Generous servings for someone (me) with a large appetite and easy to eat with one hand whilst feeding bub.
Will order again for myself and will order for any of my friends who have a baby in future.

Fill Your Freezer - Savoury Pack
Melinda Atkinson
Super convenient and delicious

I’m loving the concept of the freezer packs. It’s been such an affordable, convenient and delicious way to fuel myself through the forever busy fourth trimester with my first baby. The meals are able to be eaten easily on the go (with one hand!) while nursing/ doing mum stuff.

Love these freezer packs!!
The cookies are a must too! Yummmm.

Fill Your Freezer - Lush Pack
Erica Vera-Williams
Wonderful present for far away friends!

Our friends recently had COVID go right through their household, with the little one being admitted to hospital. We wanted to show them that we were thinking of them, so what better way than to send a Lush Pack with some lovely tea to brighten their day and to help get them on the mend! They were very happy with the gift, and the cookies were a hit too! We would definitely gift this again!!