Birth Bag Essentials


Vaughne created this duo for Jess while she was still a naturopathy student and these products are the reason Mama Goodness exists today. With the healing power of herbs, these products were designed to hold you both physically and energetically as you start life with your new babe.

Our milky goodness tea combines the milk-making properties of fennel and fenugreek with the calming and nutritive properties of lemon balm and nettle. The addition of raspberry leaf and motherwort help to restore tone to your uterus and alleviate afterbirth pains, making it the perfect tea for breastfeeding through the fourth trimester and beyond.

Our Zen Drops combine the energetic healing power of Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) with the added magic of Lemon Balm tincture to create a nurturing natural medicine to drop under your tongue when you need a little grounding amongst the magnificent madness of motherhood. Our signature blend of ABFE supports mother baby bonding, renews enthusiasm, joy and energy, promotes self confidence and love, whilst opening the heart to appreciation, gratitude and joie de vivre for life. Lemon Balm works synergistically to reduce stress, maintain emotional wellbeing and promote feelings of calm, whilst also supporting digestive function and the reduction of bloating and gas.

We believe in these products with every ounce of our being and we know how beneficial they can be in ensuring the first few days with your babe on the outside as gentle as possible. We make sure that all of our friends and doula clients have them on hand and it is our absolute honour to have them in the birth bag of all you wonderful people out there.