Co-founded by Jessica Prescott and Vaughne Geary in 2019, Mama Goodness started as a postpartum meal delivery service in Melbourne. Over the past 3 years, we have grown our offerings to provide a range of popular lactation snacks and teas that assist breastfeeding and postpartum nourishment, alongside biochemist-formulated botanical skincare and wellness products for mothers and their bubs.

Jess’ lived experience as a cook-book writer, postpartum doula and mother of two boys taught her how important and empowering it was as a new mother be nourished and nurtured by close friends and family during the postpartum. You can connect with Jess and find out more here

Being a Naturopath and postpartum doula, Vaughne is dedicated to ensuring that new parents fuel themselves with quality food and herbs that are nutrient dense and nutritionally sound - which can provide them with the building blocks and therapeutic benefits they need to recover and thrive in the weeks, months and years after birth. You can find out more about Vaughne's offerings here

When Jess and Vaughne combined their passion for all things food, family and postpartum, Mama Goodness was born. We both share a deep passion for motherhood and spend our days filled with endless conversations about nurturing and nourishing families on their parenting journey, the struggles new parents face, and all the ways in which they wish they could help; this business is our contribution.

Jess and Vaughne have recently collaborated on the book Life After Birth: A Guide to Prepare, Support and Nourish You Through Motherhood. A stunning hardback with full colour photography, Life After Birth will help you prepare, not just for the first six weeks following your birth, but for the months and years that follow. By tuning into your body, nourishing it, celebrating it and honouring the cyclical nature of womanhood, this book will help you thrive in your new role as a mother. To pre-order your copy, click here.