We love connecting and chatting with people about our book, being a small business owner, the importance of nutrition, the highs and lows of motherhood, all things postpartum, doula work, the power of community and so much more!

You can hear some of chats here:


Ready or Not:
In quite possibly our juiciest podcast to date, Jess and Vaughne chat with Lucinda McKimm about running a business through a pandemic, writing a book together, what we’ve learned from each other along the way, both as business owners and friends. Jess also shares her different experiences as both the primary and secondary caregiver, and Vaughne, who does not yet have any children herself, talks about the importance of a village and of breaking down the barriers between mothers and maidens.

Vaughne chats with Beth Ryan of Birth with Beth about studying naturopathy, what drew her to birthwork, the reason we decided to pivot and so much more.

Holistic Life for Moms:
Vaughne chats with Amanda about the need for postpartum support, herbs and food for the postpartum, and what it's like to run a small business.


The Nurtured Village:
Jess chats with Emma and Kaitlyn about her experience with motherhood, rage and the magic of an intentional fourth trimester.

Jess talks to Amy Pearson about having a child in Berlin, the postpartum experience, the boredom and invisibility of early motherhood, friendship breakups and so much more.

Talking in Common:
We have a brief chat with Kate and Sophie at the end of their episode on mum guilt!


Australian Birth Stories:
Jess talks to Sophie Walker about her two homebirths - one in Berlin and one in Melbourne.