Zen Drops, 30ml


These drops of golden goodness are the reason Mama Goodness exists.

A limited number of orders are available each week as these drops are handmade with love.

During Jess’ pregnancy with Jude, she visited Vaughne for a Naturopath consultation and was gifted some Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) to support her emotional and energetic reserves as she shifted in to the beautifully intense time that is the Fourth Trimester. 

Our Zen Drops utilise those very same flower essences, with the added magic of Lemon Balm tincture to create a nurturing natural medicine to drop under your tongue when you need a little grounding amongst the magnificent madness of motherhood. 

Our signature blend of ABFE supports mother baby bonding, renews enthusiasm, joy and energy, promotes self confidence and love, whilst opening the heart to appreciation, gratitude and joie de vivre for life. 

Lemon Balm works synergistically to reduce stress, maintain emotional wellbeing and promote feelings of calm, whilst also supporting digestive function and the reduction of bloating and gas. 

We like to call this “Serenity Now” in a bottle and you know you need it.