List of Ingredients

All of our meals are free from Meat, Egg, Dairy and Soy.

PLANT POWERED LASAGNE (4 serves / 2 trays)

Our Plant-Powered Lasagne combines a veggie-rich sugo with our insanely delicious and protein packed bechamel sauce. All of this goodness is layered between fresh lasagne sheets, and topped with our signature pepita and rosemary sprinkles for that essential crunch factor. Serve on it's own, or with some greens tossed in lemon juice and goats feta.

Seasonal vegetables*, cannellini beans*, passata*, tinned tomatoes*, lasagne sheets (flour, water), almond milk*, nutritional yeast*, olive oil*, spices*, pumpkin seeds*, rosemary*, sea salt*, sugar*.


WARMING SUMMER STEW w QUINOA (2 serves / 2 trays)

Built on the galactagogue goodness of chickpeas, this zesty coconut stew is light yet incredibly moreish and filling. We've packed this with the leafy green, folate-laden goodness of spinach, as well as the sweetness of beta-carotene rich pumpkin to nourish and comfort you through the week. This dish is served with a side of quinoa for an extra protein hit. 

Pumpkin*, chickpeas*, quinoa*, spinach*, seasonal vegetables*, coconut milk powder*, vegetable stock*, makrut leaves*, salt*. Water added


RICE, RICE, BABY (2 serves / 2 trays)

This aromatic and lightly spiced rice is a new crowd favourite here at Mama G HQ. There is a pop of flavour with every mouthful, as well as plant-powered protein from sweet green peas and cashews. Our special blend of gently warming spices make this the perfect comfort food. We love serving this with a fried egg or natural yoghurt for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Basmati rice*, seasonal vegetables*, cashews*, olive oil*, sultanas*, spices*, salt*. Water added


GREEN GOODNESS SOUP (2 - 3 serves / 1-litre tub)

If you know us, you know how much we love our greens. This soup is hearty, delicious, and packed full of seasonal green vegetables that provide you with plenty of vitamins, minerals and fibre. The addition of protein-rich split peas ensure that you are left feeling full and fuelled through the busy days and nights of parenthood. Enjoy with a slice of spelt sourdough and grass-fed butter.  

Seasonal green vegetables*, split peas*, olive oil*, vegetable stock*, herbs*, salt*. Water added


(not included in savoury pack)

With a base of oats, almond butter and cacao nibs, our cookies are full of iron, protein, healthy fats, magnesium, fibre, and prebiotics, whilst supporting and promoting breast milk production if you are currently breastfeeding. Delicious on their own or dunked in your favourite cuppa, eat one or five whenever hunger strikes.

Oat flour*, coconut sugar*, cacao nibs*, almond flour, coconut oil*, almond butter*, almond milk*, hemp seeds*, chia seeds*, flax seeds*, baking powder*, vanilla*, salt*. Water added.


GOJI GOODNESS GRANOLA - 4 serves / 300g
(not included in savoury pack)

Goji berries are known to be rich in antioxidants, which makes them an incredibly beneficial food when your body is healing. We developed a granola that is universally adored, but especially beneficial to postpartum peeps, due to the puffed grains, nuts, seeds and goji berries that bring you iron, protein, healthy fats, magnesium, zinc and galactagogues with every bite. You can eat it in a bowl with berries and yoghurt, sprinkle it on top of smoothies, or eat it straight from the bag, with a piece of dark chocolate or five.

Puffed quinoa*, puffed rice*, puffed millet*, coconut flakes*, pumpkin seeds*, maple syrup*, coconut oil*, goji berries*, dried apple*, almonds*, hemp seeds*, chia seeds*, flax seeds*, vanilla*, celtic sea salt*.


*Denotes organic