List of Ingredients

All of our meals are free from Meat, Egg, Dairy and Soy.

– 2 serves per tray

Our Plant-Powered Lasagne combines our veggie-rich sugo with our insanely delicious secret-ingredient bechamel. All of this goodness is layered between fresh lasagne sheets, and topped with our signature pepita sprinkles for that essential crunch factor. Serve on it's own, or with some greens tossed in lemon juice and goats feta.

Seasonal vegetables*, cannellini beans*, passata*, tinned tomatoes*, lasagne sheets (flour, water), almond milk*, nutritional yeast*, olive oil*, spices*, pumpkin seeds*, rosemary*, sea salt*, sugar*.


SUPERGREEN LENTIL SOUP – 2-3 serves per tub

We’ve had a variation of this soup on our menu since we launched, and it keeps making a comeback because you lot simply cannot get enough. It’s got activated beluga lentils, seasonal veggies, and more kale than you can poke a stick at. Serve on it’s own, or with sauerkraut and a piece of our sourdough topped with grass-fed butter.

Beluga lentils*, kale*, carrot*, celery*, onion*, olive oil*, vegetable stock* (sea salt, corn flour, raw sugar, olive oil, parsley, turmeric, celery, tomato, onion, garlic, cracked pepper, nutmeg), nutritional yeast*, garlic*, salt*, cumin*, fenugreek*. Water added.


GOLDEN DAAL – 2-3 serves per tub

Mung beans are a quintessential ayurvedic postpartum food due to our ability to digest them with ease. We’ve paired them with warming spices, including anti-inflammatory turmeric and breast milk enhancing fennel and fenugreek, and immune supporting sweet potato. Enjoy this delicious stew on its own, or with a side of quinoa, rice or even a bed of baby spinach, and topped with unsweetened yoghurt.

Mung beans*, sweet potato, pumpkin, onion, ginger*, garlic*, spices*, curry leaves, salt*. Water added.


UMAMI QUINOA RISOTTO  – 2-3 serves per tub

We’ve combined the most moreish of risotto classics, including mushrooms and peas, with the goodness of spinach, quinoa and herbs to bring you a hearty and nutritious postpartum meal that will make your tastebuds sing. This light but hearty risotto is rich in plant-based protein, iron, folate and magnesium, and is wonderful served with lots of grated parmesan, pepper and lemon zest. That’s amore!

Quinoa*, mushrooms, peas, porcini mushrooms*, spinach*, onion, garlic*, spices*, herbs*, nutritional yeast*, salt*. Water added.


ALMOND CACAO COOKIES - 300g (not included in savoury pack)

With a base of oats, almond butter and cacao nibs, our cookies are full of iron, protein, healthy fats, magnesium, fibre, and prebiotics, whilst supporting and promoting breast milk production if you are currently breastfeeding. Delicious on their own or dunked in your favourite cuppa, eat one or five whenever hunger strikes.

Oat flour*, coconut sugar*, cacao nibs*, almond flour, coconut oil*, almond butter*, almond milk*, hemp seeds*, chia seeds*, flax seeds*, baking powder*, vanilla*, salt*. Water added.


GOJI GOODNESS GRANOLA - 300g (not included in savoury pack)

Goji berries are known to be rich in antioxidants, which makes them an incredibly beneficial food when your body is healing. We developed a granola that is universally adored, but especially beneficial to postpartum peeps, due to the puffed grains, nuts, seeds and goji berries that bring you iron, protein, healthy fats, magnesium, zinc and galactagogues with every bite. You can eat it in a bowl with berries and yoghurt, sprinkle it on top of smoothies, or eat it straight from the bag, with a piece of dark chocolate or five.

Puffed quinoa*, puffed rice*, puffed millet*, coconut flakes*, pumpkin seeds*, maple syrup*, coconut oil*, goji berries*, dried apple*, almonds*, hemp seeds*, chia seeds*, flax seeds*, vanilla*, celtic sea salt*.



Spelt is gentler on digestion than wheat, which is why we always reach for this delicious and nutrient-dense stoneground spelt loaf from Back Alley Bakes. It’s just as delicious dunked in our soups as it is smeared with peanut butter, banana and cinnamon or laden with avocado and tomato.

Wheat flour*, spelt flour*, water, seeds, salt.

*Denotes organic