Birth Bag Essentials


Our glorious trio of Birth Bag Essentials have been designed to feed and hold you, both physically and emotionally, as you start life with your new babe. Using the healing power of botanical herbs and nutritious superfoods, these naturopathically formulated products are exactly what every new mum needs at the ready after giving birth. 

What's included?

1 x box Milky Magic Cookies, 200g

Mama Goodness is the only lactation cookie brand to use oat flour as the main ingredient in our cookies. As well as being a rich galactagogue, oats provide essential nutrients for postpartum energy production including iron, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins. Add a healthy dose of fibre and prebiotics to support digestion, and if that’s not an excuse to eat three cookies at a time, we don’t know what is!

Because we wanted to pack as much nutrition as possible into these tiny morsels of joy, our cookies also include our signature seed trio of hemp, chia and flax, as well as almonds, for a whole food boost of healthy fats which support hormone health and mood regulation.

You can select Almond Cacao, Spiced Tahini or Gluten Free Almond Cacao Cookies for this pack.

1 x packet Milky Magic Tea, 40g (20 teabags)

Our Milky Magic Tea combines the milk-making, lactation-inducing properties of fennel and fenugreek with the calming, nervous system-supporting properties of lemon balm and vervain. The addition of nettle and raspberry leaf are mineral rich and nutritive and help to restore tone to your uterus after birth, making it the all-round perfect tea for breastfeeding through the fourth trimester and beyond. 

1 x bottle Zen Drops, 30mL 

Our Zen Drops combine the energetic support of Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) with the magic of Lemon Balm tincture to drop under your tongue when you need a little grounding amongst the magnificent madness of motherhood. Our signature blend of ABFE can support mother-baby bonding, renew energy and enthusiasm, and promote self-confidence and love, whilst opening the heart to appreciation and joie de vivre for life. Lemon Balm works synergistically to support emotional well-being and digestion, and calm postpartum anxiety and baby-blues.

Customer Reviews

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All the products smell divine and I will definitely repurchase for expecting mamas.

Penny B.
A wonderful love parcel for a new Mama

Thanks Mama Goodness!!! I bought this for a friend who has just had her first bubba. She was extremely pleased… ‘Received our package ~ It looks amazing ~ can’t wait to try it all!!!!!’. All the good lookin' are cooking up lil home grown treats. How do I know so many new mumma’s that share this incredible passion for creating culinary delights? Spring has come early! New life must be celebrated & nurtured & this love package was perfect. I will definitely gift this again... only the first of many more orders to come!! <3