Weaning Essentials


Weaning your bambino can be a highly emotional time that we feel requires just as much support as the beginning of your breastfeeding journey.

Vaughne created this beautiful duo for Jess to hold her both physically and energetically as her two year breastfeeding journey with Jude came to a close. We are thrilled to be able to offer it to our mamas as we stand with you in solidarity through every phase of motherhood.

Our slow-your-flow tea combines power of sage, peppermint and parsley to reduce your production of breastmilk, along with calming lemon balm and heart holding hibiscus, to support you through one of life’s greatest transitions.

Our Weaning Drops utilise the gentle energetics of Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE), which are cultivated from plants native to this sacred land and alongside the added medicinal magic of Oat Seed tincture, work to hold mothers as they transition from their milk making journey. Oat Seed works synergistically as a nutritive, mineral rich tonic to gently rebuild your nervous system from the ground - up, helping to soothe and restore your body and energy reserves after the physical and emotional exhaustion that is motherhood. Our signature blend of ABFE reminds mothers that they are still deeply emotionally connected to their child once breastfeeding ends, whilst supporting enthusiasm towards the next chapter of motherhood and a positive outlook for the transition ahead. After giving so much of yourself to the breastfeeding journey, our drops weave their magic to bring joy and vitality to the eternal care givers we love so much - you!