Mama's Milky Magic Pack


A lovely little package for the folk outside our Nourish Pack delivery zone, containing our outrageously delicious Almond and Cacao Milky Magic Cookies, our Milky Magic Tea and a Mama Goodness tote bag.

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Tea is an elemental necessity of motherhood and of life, which is why we had to bring you our very own Naturopathically crafted signature lactation tea right from the start.

Hot, lukewarm or cold - sipped in bed with babe in arms or while taking ten minutes for yourself while your little one sleeps - you can rest assured that whenever you get the change to sip our Milky Magic Tea, you are receiving the potent and time old herbal powers of milk stimulation, nervous system relaxation and afterbirth yoni support. Literally everything a fresh Mama needs!

Milky Magic Tea contains a thoughtful combination of herbs to hold and support you through the Fourth Trimester. The beautifully therapeutic properties of Fennel, Nettle, Lemon Balm, Raspberry Leaf, Motherwort and Fenugreek makes our blend slightly sweet and slightly bitter with just the perfect amount of umami for you to enjoy several cups a day.

Milky Magic works naturally as a galactagogue and stimulates the “let down” reflex to facilitate a healthy supply of breast milk in nursing mamas. It is also highly nutritive and nourishing, containing iron, calcium and vitamin K rich herbs as well as offering oxytocin promoting and calming properties to nurture your nervous system and reduce those pangs of anxiety through the early weeks and months of transition with your little one.

The incredible digestive, astringent and uterine toning properties found within our tea help to reduce gas and bloating, restore tone to your uterus following pregnancy and birth, whilst also working to reduce postpartum cramping, swelling and afterpains.

We want you to feel held as a mother, whilst ensuring that you do not pour from an empty cup. Our love fuelled tea offers you the warmth of a big hug and will fill your mug, tatas and soul with all the healing goodness that you so greatly deserve.


What is life without cookies?? In case you need an excuse to eat them with wild abandon, our Almond and Cacao Milky Magic Cookies are completely plant-powered and built upon the galactagogue greatness of OATS! They are jam-packed full of this key ingredient, not only because it is highly nutritious but because oats contain phytonutrients that promote the delivery of oxygen and nourishment to your boobs and into the milk they create for your babes.

Oats also provide important nutrients for postpartum healing and energy including iron, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins. Add to this a punch of fibre and prebiotics for better digestion and less constipation, and if that’s not an excuse to eat three at a time, we don’t know what is! As well as oats, our cookies include our signature seed trio of hemp, chia and flax for a wholefood boost of healthy fats (omega 3 and 6) for happy hormones and a nurtured nervous system. Last but most certainly not least, our cookies contain almond butter, for its protein and galactagogue benefits, and the deliciously chocolatey magnesium packed cacao nibs. 

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