Lush Nourish Pack - 19th JANUARY 2022


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A generous pack of organic, plant-powered, postpartum-minded meals and snacks, to nourish and comfort the new mama in your life.

As these packs are handmade with love, limited numbers are available each week, on a preorder basis. Orders close at 5pm Sunday for delivery the following Wednesday.

We hand deliver our Nourish Packs within a 30km radius of our Northcote kitchen every Wednesday. If you live outside our delivery zone, we are happy to deliver to a friend or family member who lives within our delivery zone. Alternatively, Wednesday morning pickup can be arranged.


It is widely believed that the foods eaten during the postpartum period should be warming and nutrient-dense, to support the healing and immunity of the birthing person as their body adjusts to the growing and then birthing of a baby and all of the hormonal fluctuations that come with it. It is also beneficial to eat foods that are iron-rich, nutritive and healing, to support the sudden changes to blood volume and bodily tissue, alongside foods that promote lactation if it is your intention to breastfeed.

Local and organic foods are preferable, as this means they are at their freshest and free of any pesticides which can wreak havoc on the already delicate hormones. For this reason, we source all of our ingredients organically and all of our produce from local, organic farmers.

We have designed this menu in order to bring you maximum postpartum-specific nutrition, whilst being able to be enjoyed in a number of ways, depending on your mood and cravings.

Plant-Powered Lasagne, Serves 4
Our Plant Powered Lasagne is like a warm hug from an old friend. Saucy and moreish, it combines our veggie-rich sweet potato and tomato sauce with our insanely delicious butter bean bechamel. Sweet potato is rich in beta-carotene, a powerful precursor to Vitamin A which is super important for your immune system whilst also being packed full of fiber to help keep your bowels moving after birth. Butter beans are packed full of protein which is essential for stabilising blood sugar, healing and repairing tissue in the body after birth, and providing much needed energy in the postpartum. All this goodness is layered between organic pasta sheets with our signature rosemary and pepita sprinkles on top for that essential crunch factor.

Supergreen Lentil Soup, 1L
New mums need warming foods that are gentle on digestion and for that, you simply cannot bypass soup. We’ve had a variation of this soup on our menu since we launched, and it keeps making a comeback because you lot simply cannot get enough. Beluga lentils are a plant-powered source of protein, which is essential for stabilising blood sugar, healing and repairing tissue in the body after birth, and providing much-needed energy in the postpartum. Kale is a nutrient-dense, plant powered source of Vitamin C, calcium and is also a cruciferous vegetable, which supports the body to detoxify excess hormones post birth. 

Botanical Cuisine Caramelised Beetroot Fermented Cashew Dip, 325g
We know first hand how important it is to have something easy and delicious at your fingertips when the postpartum hunger strikes. This cheese is made from cashews (hello good fats for healthy hormones) and it is outrageously delicious smeared on our bread or used as a dip for your favourite raw vegetables. Fermented foods play a vital role in the gut- brain connection, by providing good probiotic strains which promote a flourishing “gut garden”. They aid digestion, support immunity, and studies have shown that probiotic rich foods can support improved mood and reduce the risk of postpartum depression by promoting the production of our “feel good” hormone, serotonin. Close to 90% of serotonin is created in our gut, which is why we have chosen this deliciously healing dip to help you thrive through motherhood.

Seeded Crackers
These moreish, gluten-free crackers are packed with our signature seed trio of chia, hemp and flax, alongside nutritious, postpartum-loving black sesame seeds to deliver healthy fats, iron, calcium and magnesium that support mamas with essential nutrients required in both pregnancy and the postpartum. We love these one-handed, galactagogue rich snacks for their crunchy texture and ability to be eaten straight from the packet, or loaded with our Botanical Cuisine dip, dunked in our soup, or loaded with avocado, tomato and sauerkraut.

Almond Butter Cacao Milky Goodness Cookies, 300g
These cookies!!! With a base of oats, as well as our signature hemp, flax and chia seed trio, almond butter and cacao nibs, our cookies are full of iron, protein, healthy fats, magnesium and galactagogues, which are foods that promote lactation. We cannot possibly squeeze all that we have to say about our cookies into a short paragraph, but you can read more about them and the incredible properties of all of their ingredients here.

Goji Goodness Granola, 300g
Goji berries are known to be rich in antioxidants, which makes them an incredibly beneficial food when your body is healing. We developed a granola that is universally adored, but especially beneficial to postpartum peeps, due to the puffed grains, nuts, seeds and goji berries that bring you iron, protein, healthy fats, magnesium, zinc and galactagogues with every bite. You can eat it in a bowl with berries and yoghurt, sprinkle it on top of smoothies, or eat it straight from the bag, with a piece of dark chocolate or five.

Milky Goodness Lactation Tea, 50g
Our Naturopathically formulated lactation tea contains a thoughtful combination of herbs to hold and support you through the Fourth Trimester. The therapeutic properties of Fennel, Nettle, Lemon Balm, Raspberry Leaf, Motherwort and Fenugreek makes our blend slightly sweet and slightly bitter with just the perfect amount of umami for you to enjoy several cups a day. Enjoyed hot, lukewarm or cold, Milky Goodness works naturally as a galactagogue and contains iron, calcium and vitamin K rich herbs that simultaneously promote calming oxytocin properties, to nurture your nervous system and reduce those pangs of anxiety through the early weeks and months of transition with your little one. You can read more about our tea here.

Back Alley Bakes Spelt Sourdough
Spelt is more gentle on digestion than wheat, which is why we include this delicious and nutrient dense stoneground spelt loaf from Back Alley Bakes in our Nourish Packs. It remains moist for days and is just as delicious dunked in our Green Lentil Soup as it is smeared with peanut butter, banana and cinnamon or laden with avocado and tomato.


We take a limited number of orders up until 5pm on Sunday, for delivery on Wednesday.

On Monday and Tuesday we gather the ingredients and cook our little hearts out in our commercial kitchen in Northcote. On Tuesday, we also send you an email to remind you that your food is being delivered the next day. We deliver the perishable items in a cool bag on Wednesday morning-afternoon (the exact time will depend on where you live and where our delivery route is taking us on that particular day) and we will send you an SMS once your food is safely on your doorstep.


Our Nourish Packs have been thoughtfully put together to feed and care for the birthing person and anyone they wish to share foods with. Depending on your situation at home - how many people you have to feed and whether you have friends and family around to fill your fridge and freezer with delicious foods - a pack may feed you for a week or for a couple of days.


Potential allergens in our meals are as follows:

Lasagne - Wheat and Soy
Almond Butter Cacao Cookies - Oat Flour
Back Alley Bakes Spelt Sourdough 
- Spelt and Wheat Flour

All of our products are free from meat, fish, eggs and dairy, so if you don't eat these things, just select the 'Get in My Belly' option at checkout. You will see that for a small additional fee, there are also options for gluten free, wheat free and soy free packs.

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