The Fourth Trimester is not supposed to be done solo. In the weeks and months that follow the birth of a child, the wellbeing of the mother must be a priority if we as a species are to thrive. Nourishing foods, extra arms and welcome guidance, provided by a trusted circle of family and friends allow the birthing person to rest, recover and bond with their baby, stepping into their new role with confidence and a strong support network.

We believe that when you are pregnant it is important to set foundations and create habits, carving out time for what recharges you so that you can parent to your utmost potential. This will look different for everyone. To some, its a drink with friends or a hot bath, to others it might be sitting outside in the sun in your undies while you drink a coffee and your baby naps. Some form of movement is always beneficial, as is having friends who you can relax in front of, even when your house is trashed and you’re an un-showered, milk stained mess.

Whatever it is that recharges you - do it and do it without guilt. You will be a better mother for it.

At Mama Goodness, we believe that connection is one of the foundational pillars of motherhood. For us, connecting with mothers and families from all walks of life, backgrounds, experiences and cultures is of utmost importance, as is finding your people. We look forward to sharing ideas for connection within oneself as well as connection within your community, and facilitating opportunities to connect with likeminded folk.

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