Almond Butter Cacao Milky Magic Cookies, 300g


What is life without cookies?

Mama Goodness Milky Magic Cookies are plant-powered, organic and built upon the galactagogue greatness of OATS! Oats also provide important nutrients for postpartum energy production including iron, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins. Add to this a healthy dose of fibre and prebiotics to support digestion, and if that’s not an excuse to eat three at a time, we don’t know what is!

As well as oats, our cookies include our signature seed trio of hemp, chia and flax for a whole food boost of healthy fats which support hormone health and mood regulation. Last but most certainly not least, our cookies contain almonds in both almond meal and almond butter form, and deliciously chocolatey magnesium packed cacao nibs.  

Paired with a cup of our galactagogue rich lactation tea, they make the perfect pick me up at any time of day. Order an extra bag to keep in the pram so you can feed fellow hungry mamas you encounter at the playground.

Orders placed by 11:59pm Sunday will be posted the following Tuesday.

Customer Reviews

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BEST boobie snack :)

Was gifted these and am now addicted. They are in my bedside table and are SO delicious for snacks overnight whilst breastfeeding. They are really substantial and full of lovely textures. Decadent and healthy in perfect balance. Won’t ever be without them again.

Elly Paz
Delicious and nutritious

Perfect snack attack cookie

Shannon Senol

Almond Butter Cacao Milky Goodness Cookies, 300g

Raffi Jones
Delicious (and you can grab them with one hand)!

Not only are these cookies super tasty (a little bit of sweetness and crunch!), I love how ‘grabbable’ these cookies are when you barely have a hand free. Perfect at any time of the day (or night!) for a little bit of nourishment. I first tried them in the Nourish pack and just HAD to order some more - and now I want to buy them for all of my lactating friends! Delicious and practical!

Rosalind Smith
They work & they’re delicious!

These cookies almost double my pump supply within a few hours! Worth it đŸ‘ŒđŸ»